Air Textured Yarn (ATY)


Air-jet texturing process is a purely mechanical method that uses a cold air-stream to produce bulked Yarn with cotton touch and warmth. The feed Yarn need not be restricted to the synthetic filament Yarn. The air textured Yarn closely resemble spun Yarn in their appearance and physical characteristics.

The air-jet texturing process is by far the most versatile of all the yarn texturing methods in that it can blend all kinds of filaments together. Air textured yarn is very bulky with permanent crimps and loops. Interlacing of filaments in the jet can cause the loops to be locked into the yarn so that any further twisting is unnecessary. Loop frequency, loop dimensions, loop stability and physical bulk are the important characteristics of air textured Yarn.

High quality air jet textured Yarn are produced from all types of continuous filament Yarn (PES, PA, PP, Glass, Carbon, etc.) as well as from their various forms (FDY/FOY, POY) to a large range of resultant Yarn for a wide variety of applications such as:

  • Automotive
  • Home Textile & Contract
  • Apparel
  • Outdoor
  • Military Industrial / High Tenacity
  • Carpet Yarn
ATY Yarn
ATY Yarn

The process to produce air-textured yarn is completely mechanical that makes use of a cold-air stream to manufacture bulked Yarn. The Yarn have a similar touch and warmth of cotton. The appearance and the physical characteristics of air textured Yarn resemble that of spun Yarn.

Air texturing of a yarn is one of the most versatile methods of yarn texturing as it can combine type of filament Yarn together. Air-textured yarn (ATY) is an excellent substitute for the synthetic hand of false twist textured Yarn. It offers a fresh new look to the fabrics.

Air-textured yarn (ATY) finds applications in a diverse range of fabrics, i.e. from a light-weight scrim to heavy-duty soft luggage. Further, it is also used to make light-weight swimwear. Draw textured yarn (DTY) and air-textured yarn are both made from partially oriented yarn (POY). However, air-textured yarn (ATY) has millions of small loops that offer a distinct look and feel.

The air-textured line manufactured by Maker Filaments Textiles is an excellent example that depicts how different Yarn can be combined to provide a wide range of thickness and functions. Maker Filaments Textiles is a well-reputed brand and a leading market player in the textile and yarn manufacturing sector in India.