Cationic Yarn


Cationic dyeable Yarn has become increasingly popular in recent years as a textile yarn, primarily because cationic dyes are capable of producing brighter shades than regular (disperse) dyeable polyester. In practice, the Cationic dyeable Yarn is frequently combined with other fibers, such as regular (disperse) dyeable polyester, wool, or cellulosic Yarn, to produce various multicolor or cross-dyed effects. It is also known to use Cationic dyeable Yarn in combination with other Yarn which are unaffected by cationic dyes to thereby achieve color/white effects.

Cationic dyeable Yarn is a special polyester yarn that can be colored with cationic dye, unlike ordinary polyester Yarn. Excellent color development and fastness have enabled cationic-dyeable polyester Yarn to be used in many applications. Conventionally, however, they must be dyed at high temperature and pressure, making it difficult to combine them with wool, silk or other natural fibers that tend to lose strength and texture when subjected to extreme conditions. Combination with polyurethane or other elastic fiber also has been problematic.

Product Characteristics :-

  • Saturable dyeing can be done under regular pressure and 100℃ conditions, no need for high temperature or high pressure in order for dyeing to take place.
  • The cationic dyeable filament itself possesses deep staining and bright color characteristics.
  • Excellent dyeing fastness, can improve the dye migration problem encountered during the laminating and gluing processes.
  • Conjugating with regular polyester, different color effect can be created.
 cationic dyeable yarn

Product Usage :-

  • Casual wear
  • Sportswear
  • Jackets
  • Outerwear

Types of Yarn :-

  • Aty(Plain)
  • Slub
  • Long Slub
  • Gradation Slub
  • Neps etc...

Denier Range : 50 to 1200