Polyester Yarn


Polyester fibre is one of the most used commercial fibres across the world. These are strong synthetic fibres made by blending the alcohol and acid and initiating a chain reaction. Strong and big molecules are generated in this reaction with repetitive structure. Yarn are commercially used interlocked fibres of continuous length majorly used for weaving and knitting.

The Polyester Filament Yarn is one of the finest and synthetic Yarn that are used for various purposes like Embroidery, sewing, knitting, weaving and so forth. Such Yarn are also called PFY. Such Yarn are created when MEG and PTA are spun directly. The Polyester Yarn brought a revolution in the global textile industry.

  • Used for knitting and weaving
  • Used in consumer fabrics like bedding and furnishings
  • Also used in making of ropes, conveyor belts, and safety belts
  • Used as stuffing material in pillows, sofa, and mattresses
  • Used in Tyres

Polyester is used in manufacturing home furnishing as well as clothes. Most of the home furnishings such as pillows cover, curtains, bed sheets and carpets are made of polyester. Wool and cotton usually lose the warmth but polyester has the power to retain its warmth. Crimped polyester keeps the warmth inside and does not let it pass. Since polyester is wrinkle resistant, many of the clothes are made of this fabric such as pants, skirts, trousers and more.

Polyester is majorly used for clothing and home furnishings but there are other fantastic industrial uses of this wonder fabric. It is used to make strong ropes, thread, power belting, hoses and tyre cords.

Key Characteristics :-

  • Polyester is Usually made of long filament fibres
  • Polyester is Smooth
  • Polyester is Continuous and long
  • Polyester is Lustrous
  • Either pretty low or very high twist,The twist depends of the stretch
  • Easy manufacturing
  • Polyester is Slick and cool
  • Polyester is very durable
  • Polyester is Wrinkle Resistant,Abrasion Resistant and Resistant to many chemicals
  • Polyester is resistant to shrinking and stretching

Advantages :-

  • Strong
  • Flexible
  • Dries quickly
  • Resists wrinkles and shrinking
  • Inexpensive

Types of Yarn :-

  • Aty(Plain)
  • Slub
  • Long Slub
  • Gradation Slub
  • Neps etc...

Denier Range : 50 to 1200