Viscose Yarn


Viscose is a semi-synthetic fibre which was earlier known as viscose rayon. The Yarn is made of cellulose fibre which is regenerated. Many products are made with this fibre because it is smooth and cool as compared to other fibres. It is highly absorbent and it is very similar to cotton. Viscose is used for making a variety of clothing such as dresses, skirts and innerwear. Viscose does not need an introduction because it is a popular name in the fibre industry. Viscose fabric lets you breathe easy and the current designs in the fashion industry have made this fibre a popular choice.

Essentially made from a cellulose base, Viscose yarn is known for its tenacity and colour fastness. The count for this yarn ranges from Ne10 to Ne40 - single and multifold.

  • Viscose yarn is used in embroidery threads and novelty Yarn
  • Used in fashion apparels
  • Used in women’s lingerie
  • Used for manufacturing domestic textiles
  • Used in mechanical rubber goods along with industrial textiles

Viscose is also known as rayon, and the name comes from the honey-like texture that occurs in the manufacturing process. The main ingredient in viscose is wood pulp, making it hard to classify as either synthetic or natural. Though the wood pulp makes it natural, the manufacturing process (a very polluting one) is very much driven by man.

Advantages :-

  • inexpensive
  • known for its silk-like feel
  • drapes beautifully
  • breathable, similar to cotton in this regard
  • ideal for those seeking a luxurious look and feel at a more economical price point
  • blends well with other fibers, particularly woven ones
  • dyes easily and produces beautiful, vivid colors

Types of Yarn :-

  • Aty(Plain)
  • Slub
  • Long Slub
  • Gradation Slub
  • Neps etc...

Denier Range : 50 to 1200